Tuesday, December 28, 2010

hello my name is Irish Bastard, and I'm a sugarcoater

I learned a name for myself last week. Sugarcoater. OK so it doesn't sound bad, kinda sounds yummy, but that's what  makes it so dangerous.  Who doesn't like sugar right?

How to spot a sugarcoated person:
       person in question ~
  • is always smiling.
  • laughs through any problem and wants others to do the same.
  • will bend over backwards to make others happy.
  • will drop fights to keep peace.
  • looks like they have it all together (perfect life, house, kids, etc.).
  • gets annoyed with what they believe are whiners.
  • never lets others see them cry.
  • is very social and usually has lots of friends.
  • makes excuses for past wounding (admitting someone was able to hurt them is not a "sugary" feeling).

Are you a sugarcoated person?
You read the above bullets and thought~
  • the above list was great
  • whats wrong with always being happy?  
  • nobody wants to see others cry.
  • of course I have a ton of friends.
  • whinny people DO bother me, everyone has problems, they need to learn to deal with theirs.
  • lets not dwell on the past.
If you agreed with the above list your totally covered in sugar.
My natural response would be, that's cool me too. We would probably get along great. I bet your a fun person to be around. Sugary people usually are. But now for the sucky part, you may or not be aware of it yet. I want to get the warning out to any other super happy candy people before its too late.

The downfall of people who wear protective sugar coats:

1.   They don't know how to let others help them if they are hurt.
  • don't want to upset others by being sad/mad/etc.
  • sometimes scary to even admit to others something is wrong.   
2.   If they are parents, they teach their children to act the same way.
  • They even probably think that's a good thing.
3.   Often think they must be perfect before they can follow Christ.
  • for the record this a HUGE lie of the enemy.
4.   Due to wanting to have it all together, they want to be helpful, so others can have it all together too.
  • has a hard time telling others no.
  • can easily become a doormat, might result in getting used.
5.   Often attracts (and is attracted to) certain types of other broken people.
  • narcissist ~ best type of person for the "all about me show" is a sugarcoater. Sugar - always fun to be around, never upset, and best of all, they do everything they can to make them happy.
  • emotional dependent person ~ this person can become addicted to how a sugarcoater makes them feel special.  
  • other sugarcoater's ~ of course! Two permanently happy people what could be better right?
6.    Usually will try anything to stay happy (or stay looking happy).
  • relationships, helping others - Making them happy, is gonna make me happy.
  • drugs, drinking - 'Cause if you numb the pain, that's the same as happy right?
 7.    Can become very depressed to the point of suicide.
  • Things that normally make me happy are no longer working.
  • If I cant get over this problem, somethings wrong with me.
  • I cant tell others, they don't even know I have problems.
  • Having problems makes my husband, children, etc look bad.
  • Nothing can fix it. 
I am not the only sugarcoater I have ever come across. My family is packed full of them. I think there was a pride in it. We pull ourselves up when we get knocked down, and the best part is we do it with a smile. I am the baby of the whole family, so I had the privilege of watching and learning and perfecting. I laugh and joke with the best of them. And I was modeling that attitude for my children. 

But now I'm a follower of Christ. I'm learning that its OK to smile, buts its also OK to cry.  Jesus lets me look back at past events and see them through His eyes. My cousins death is my biggest warning. He was also my biggest role model. He was happy on the outside and not on the inside. I don't want that to happen to me, or the people that call me their role models, my kids. The first step is admitting you have a problem right? So....
Hello, my name is Irish Bastard and I am a Sugarcoater. 
Oh wait that's not right, lets try this...
Hello, my name is Kings Daughter, and I was a sugarcoater. My Daddy is helping me to change things.

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